Cathal O Regan is a Clonakilty born artist currently based in Clonakilty, Cork, Republic of Ireland. He has developed his style over years of trial and error and having fun with it. Works are produced incorporating an unique tribal style with a focus on everything from the natural world to the subconscious. We all have different ways to interpret our existence on this planet, this would be his.  Please contact to find out more or to commission a piece, no size too small or too big.


Celestial Being


Drawn in a small town in France, a study of subtly mixing two tones to place 3 shapes in one picture.

Rhino Ink


The Rhino, a fantastic looking beast, one of my favourites - part of an ongoing "Animal Inks" collection.

The Unknown

This black and white piece I call “The Unknown”. Its a study on how my style took to simple black and white geometric shapes.


The style which I have come to call my own, as each artist does, comes from a fusion of my desire to breathe new life into a sometimes clichéd mode and my fondness for intricately detailed work. I explore simplistic forms contrasted by their depth of detail, reflecting my own perception of the cosmos. With a fleeting look, the world is simple, but the longer you gaze, the greater the complexity of it all.