Meet The Artist

About Cathal O’Regan

Photo of the artist taken by his wife.
Photo by Arpita Pandey O’Regan

My name is Cathal O’Regan and I was born on the South Coast of Ireland, one of 9 children in a small town named Clonakilty. I was lucky to have a father who encouraged my inquisitive nature and helped me in research, in life lessons and education. Even luckier when you consider he encouraged my artistic side. I have spent the better part of my existence drawing and honing my art-form which I like to call my own. It’s more subconscious but I learned to control it more over the years through trial and error. Questioning everything to get a better understanding of life, society as a whole and using drawing as a way to learn and educate myself.

Everything is My Inspiration

Cathal O'Regan at a mural in Dublin.
Cathal O’Regan at a mural in Dublin. Photo by Arpita Pandey O’Regan.

My interests are vast and aid in producing new work constantly. Life is short so I must gain a better understanding and I can only do it through my artwork. I am interested in a lot of things which guide my work forward. From philosophy, culture, geography, art, music, poetry and science to sports, comics, manga, anime, games and cards etc. The human subconscious is very interesting to me although my understanding of it is extremely limited. Most things have a purpose and I use that to give my art more meaning. I appreciate the views of others which helps my art grow and give me more understanding or else more questions.

Reach Out

Please contact me at anytime. Anyone willing to teach me or just converse on topics of interests please contact me at anytime. I am always open to the opinions and others and if it is of use to my art then i will truly appreciate it. The world and society around us can be overwhelming at times but to understand each other and unite if we want change peacefully or at least help. If i can part one piece of advice it would only be to believe in yourself. There is nothing stronger in this world than self belief and conviction. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my work. Cathal O’ Regan

Phone: 087-9000601