African Penguin

Native to Southern African Coast
This species is classified as Endangered because it is undergoing a very rapid population decline, probably as a result of commercial fisheries and shifts in prey populations. This trend currently shows no sign of reversing, and immediate conservation action is required to prevent further declines.
African penguins are dapper-looking black and white birds that stand approximately 60 centimetres tall, with males averaging slightly larger sizes than females. These penguins weigh 2 to 5 kilograms when mature. Like other penguins, they have a compact, upright build, wings that are specialized for swimming rather than flying, and unique patterns of black and white that are possessed only by a single bird, making individual identification possible. Their braying call gives them the nickname “Jackass penguins”.
African penguins have been bombarded with a series of man-made threats and problems for over a century, and are still seriously menaced by human activity including the devastating oil spills. Today, drastic shortages of food caused by commercial purse-seine fishing are causing a steady and perhaps irreversible decline of these intriguing birds. Tourists also put the species at risk by collapsing nesting burrows and stressing the penguins to the point where they are unable to breed.

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